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Terms of Service is a free image and photo hosting site that allows you to share with your friends and families on our site, we also allow you to link out to different sites such as Facebook, twitter, blogs, forums etc.

Just to be clear we do not support spam it will be deleted, We are not a place for free advertisement. If it looks likes spam it will be treated as such. If you have covers or banners that you're linking out to different sites Just create a private album and it won't be touched, but of course it still needs to fit within our site rules.

Also don't place a photo or image in a category where it doesn't belong that also can be considered spam and may be deleted.

  • Imgsnap reserves the right to disable or delete any file which might compromise the security of our servers, uses excessive bandwidth, violates this Terms of Service or is otherwise considered undesirable (at our sole discretion).

  • The image hosting service is provided as-is with no implied warranties of any kind. We can not be held responsible for the loss of data or other damages which may result from (lack of) functionality of our service.

  • Imgsnap does not allow Or we limit the use of the following types of files to be uploaded:
    • Images which contain adult content such as pornography or excessive nudity - Must be placed in a Album with permissions set at Private (just me) settings and Flag as unsafe you then can link it to a outside site. If not they will be immediately deleted
    • All photographs that pertain sexual overtones must be flagged as unsafe content. If not they will be immediately deleted
    • Background Images or avatar in your profile can not contain adult content such as pornography or excessive nudity . They will be immediately deleted
    • Images which contain gruesome scenes, such as dead people or mutilations are not allowed. If found they will be immediately deleted.
    • Imgsnap will not allow spamming on our site. When found they will be immediately deleted
    • Imgsnap will not allow category spamming. For example if you have an image in art's category and it doesn't belong there we will remove it and place it in its proper category if any, and if you continue to place your images in the wrong category. we will delete them without prior notice.
      please people help us by following the rules of ImgSnap and that should help us grow in a great community.

  • Files will not be deleted unless they have not been accessed for some time or violate our Terms of Service.

  • Imgsnap reserves the right to deny access to any user who uploads files that compromise the security of our servers, use excessive bandwidth or are otherwise deemed to be misusing the free file hosting service.

  • Imgsnap reserves the right to modify these Terms of Service at any time without prior notification.
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