How to create a photo album

To create a photo album is pretty simple.
1. The first step is drag a image on the screen or just click upload then you should see the screen below, if you like you can edit your image by just clicking on the image thumbnail"
after editing your image you then can select a category to publish your image, then click the green upload button.


2. Now select which option you would like to use.
Now if you already have an existing album and would like to move the image or images to that particular album just click "move the image" to an existing album.
if you don't have a photo album then click on "Create an album" .


Once you there fill in the name of the new album ----> a brief description and then select which privacy settings
you would like the photo album to have, click on the drop-down menu:
Album privacy settings.
Public = anyone can see the content.
Private (self) = Only owner can see the content.
Private (anyone with the link) = Only if you have the link you can see the content.
Private (password) = Only those who knows the link and the password can see the content.
after choosing you're privacy selection then click on submit.

And you're all done!
تعديل أو تغيير حجم أي صورة من خلال النقر على معاينة الصورة
Edit any image by touching the image preview
You can add more images from جهازك, التقط صورة or أضف رابط صورة.
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